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Our super potent Vitamin C Complex delivers a high dose of Vitamin C and so much more. Purchase yours today and support your immune system; cardiovascular and heart health; protection from free radical damage; and eye health and vision.

As well as 2960mg of Vitamin C per spoonful, you can enjoy the support that comes from a 2:1 ratio of Bioflavonoids, immune enhancing Vitamins A and E and mineral Zinc, and only natural flavours and sweeteners. Learn more...


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Our Whole Enzyme Active Broccoli Sprouts provide an average yield of 14mg of Sulforaphane per daily dose, which can support cellular antioxidant activity; reduced cellular oxidative stress; hormone balance; immune function; protection from free radical damage; cardiovascular health; the condition of skin, hair and nails; liver and cellular detoxification processes and general wellbeing. Learn more...


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