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Tips to improve your wellbeing

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Tips to improve your wellbeing

Life is busy. It’s easy to get swept up in the day-to-day rush and suddenly discover you’re feeling tired, grumpy and generally rundown. Sometimes a little care and attention can make the world of difference to your general wellbeing. Here are some tips that might make you feel more positive and better equipped to cope mentally and physically with what the day brings.

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Improve your wellbeing with regular sleep.

tips for better wellbeing
A hot, caffeine free drink before bed might help you to relax
Sleep is your body’s opportunity to recharge and may restore your physical and mental wellbeing. You can improve the quality of your sleep by keeping a regular sleep pattern. Try going to bed at the same time every night and take some simple steps to ensure your body is prepared for sleep.

Some tips to help you relax and wind down at the end of the day include: herbal or relaxing caffeine-free tea blends; a relaxing bath or shower before bed; relaxing aromatherapy oils; avoiding screens before bedtime.

Need more help with the quality of your sleep? Take a look at these Tips from the Ministry of Health to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Take time to enjoy the present.

Meditation may help you to relax and control your breathing.

Improving your mental wellbeing can support your general wellbeing and all round health. Being able to enjoy your immediate surroundings may be an effective way to lift your mood and appreciate where you are.

Meditation is a wonderful way to pause and take time to focus your mind. Taking the time to breath properly, clear your mind of worrying thoughts, and pause to appreciate the day could have a very positive effect on your wellbeing.

Would you like to learn more about adding meditation into your day? This article on Health Navigator New Zealand explores The Connections Between Meditation and Wellbeing.

Exercise your way towards improved wellbeing

Regular exercise such as walking can be added to your daily routine.

Adding exercise into your day may be an effective way to improve your wellbeing. You don’t necessarily have to adopt the lifestyle of a gym fanatic. Regular, gentle exercise could be just what you need to support both your physical and mental health.

If you can, try walking to work every morning or even going for a walk at lunchtime every day to enjoy the fresh air and reconnect with the world around you. If you can build exercise into your daily routine you will find it much easier to stick to your goals.

Regular exercise may help to support your mental and physical health.

Support your wellbeing with a balanced diet.

Improve Wellbeing
Enjoying healthy, nutritious food gives your body the fuel it needs.

Eating foods that are high in beneficial nutrients could support your general wellbeing. That also means avoiding large quantities of foods that are not providing positive benefits to your body. Examples of these foods could include processed foods, foods that are high in fats or sugars, or foods that contain lots of artificial ingredients.

Most doctors recommend enjoying at least 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables a day. Fresh, healthy food is an important part of a balanced diet and can help you to ensure your body is getting the right fuel to keep you active and well.

Not sure what a balanced diet looks like? In this article, the Heart Foundation of New Zealand takes a close look at what makes a balanced diet.

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Connect with people you care about.

Connecting with friends and family is one of the ways to improve your wellbeing.

Humans are social creatures, and even the least sociable of us can gain benefits from connecting with other people. Isolation, depression and loneliness are recognised contributors to mental and physical illness.

Sometimes it can be hard to take the first step, but connecting with people that you love and care about could improve your wellbeing, or help to protect it. Take the time to laugh and enjoy the company of people who you enjoy spending time with.

Not sure where to start? The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand has some great tips for building connections.

Taking care of your general wellbeing is an important investment in your health. It’s easy to lose track of the little daily routines that help to add to your mental and physical wellbeing. An investment in the areas of your health that could protect your wellbeing is time well spent.

If you’re feeling unwell, or your feelings of unhappiness persist, take some time to consult with a health care practitioner.

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