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Are you ready for Beautiful Skin?

Whatever your age, your skin can help you to look your best. The right diet, the right lifestyle, plenty of sleep. There are a number of factors that can help you to improve your skin condition.

In recent times, Collagen has been recognised as an effective way to support your skin, hair and nail health. New Zealand Scientific Beautiful Skin Hydrolysed Collagen+ has been formulated to support revitalised, glowing, youthful skin.

New Zealand Scientific Beautiful Skin combines hydrolysed bovine collagen with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Zinc, Copper and HydroPeach™. This unique formulation has been designed to provide you with support you need to help protect your skin from the impact of aging, ultraviolet radiation, hormones and nutrition.


The support you need to protect against ageing skin

Beautiful Skin Hydrolysed Collagen+ is designed to address the main concerns that women experience with regard to aging skin. Unlike creams and topical products which only reach the outer layers of the skin, Beautiful Skin Hydrolysed Collagen+ is designed to support the collagen metabolism in the dermis, delivering special collagen peptides that are important components for supporting healthy skin.

Our high quality hydrolysed bovine collagen supports optimal skin moisture and condition, and delayed formation of wrinkles by supplementing the skin from the inside.

HydroPeach™ provides support for smooth, radiant skin

New Zealand Scientific Beautiful Skin Hydrolysed Collagen+ also contains HydroPeach™. HydroPeach™ is a natural ceramide derived from Japanese Peaches that supports smooth, radiant, more youthful skin. HydroPeach™ may:

  • Support water retention in the skin and the healthy function of the permeable layers in the epidermis
  • Help to moisten the epidermis and reduce the appearance of dry/rough skin
  • Help to strengthen your epidermal layer to provide protection from pollutants, ultraviolet rays, and bacteria.

Hydropeach™ is a ceramide, a naturally occurring lipid that makes up over 50% of the skin, that supports water retention and healthy function of the epidermal layers. As we age the skin loses ceramides, up to 50% can be lost between age 20 and age 70. Hydropeach™ can support the maintenance of epidermal moisture and reduce the appearance of dry and rough skin.