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Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics: Viewpoints on the Current Status and Applications in Nutrition Research and Practice

What does Nutrigenomics mean?

The Scientific study of the interaction of nutrition (food) and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease.

What are Nutrigenomic dietary supplements?

Nutrigenomic formulations are therefore those which contain concentrated food-derived biomolecules which are supporters of cell-protective processes and / or are supporters of cell- destructive processes.

What is the human genome project and its relationship to Nutrigenomics?

It was discovered (2003) that the human Genome contains around 25,000 genes this era brought with it another level of understanding in that certain nutrients and food derived biomolecules were capable of talking to our DNA influencing gene expression.

How are Nutrigenomic formulations different from other dietary supplements?

Nutrigenomic formulations may be derived from plant or animal foods, (although mostly plant food). Any food derived molecule which has the ability to influence particular genes is, by definition nutrigenomic.

What is the primary purpose of making a decision to consider utilising a Nutrigenomic formulated dietary supplement?
  • harnessing the cells endogenous defence mechanisms
  • nutrigenomics formulations should work to enhance Mother Nature - not work against her
  • supporting healthy cellular processes

Is bioavailability a consideration when looking at Nutrigenomic Dietary supplements?

To obtain a food derived molecule’s benefit it must be highly bioavailable. Low bioavailability can explain why some common supplements don’t produce the same results seen in cell culture in vitro. When the molecule is ingested it must be able to cross several membranes from the intestinal lumen via the blood stream to reach the cells.

Large bulky molecules such as polyphenols e.g curcumin, quercetin, resveratrol find it more difficult to achieve this, as such much of the research derived from in vitro studies is not clinically relevant. 

How do Nutrigenomic formulations work?

Cells contain internal sensors which register the presence of stressors such as changes in redox status. If a cell is under threat of oxidative assault, the sensor registers this increase of oxidative load as a danger signal and takes steps to activate its internal defences. The cell responds by producing its own antioxidant enzymes and other protective compounds to counter the oxidative load.

When the redox balance has been restored the signal stops and the cells defence system returns to normal activity. Nutrigenomic formulations work to support the cells natural defence systems, to support the body do what it knows best naturally!

What can we use to support the bodies natural defence processes from a Nutrigenomic point of view?

By using NZ Scientific’s whole enzyme dried broccoli sprout powder!

Broccoli sprouts contain highly concentrated bioactive plant chemicals found normally in the broccoli vegetable. But the broccoli sprout contains 20-50 times more than in the mature broccoli vegetable! This means that a small amount of sprout is the equivalent of eating a large amount of vegetable!

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