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Did you know Sulforaphane, is capable of influencing around 2000 genes associated with the cell’s own defence mechanisms?

Sulforaphane considered as a potent food-derived molecule for supporting the activity of cellular ‘switches’ which control the cell’s ability to protect and repair itself.

For a broccoli sprout powder dietary supplement to have the ability to produce Sulforaphane when consumed, it has to contain both glucoraphanin and the myrosinase enzyme in the same capsule.

''Extracts'' have no myrosinase activity, the inert glucoraphanin it contains is unable to produce Sulforaphane.

glucoraphanin and the myrosinase enzyme

What the research shows...

It was discovered by scientists that broccoli sprouts contain a substance called Glucoraphanin, they also found that sprouts contained an enzyme called Myrosinanse.

When these two substances come together when cut or chewed a brand new substance forms called Sulphoraphane! The intact whole plant does not contain any Sulphoraphane at all! It is made as soon as you eat it.

So this means any product that states it actually contains Sulforaphane (and there are many of them on the market ) either are purposely misleading the consumer or simply do don't understand the science!

We recently even spotted a respected brand marketing ''fermented'' broccoli sprout powder.... but once you wet broccoli sprout powder it activates and the Sulforaphane producing ability is then no longer unless they are dry fermenting (is that possible?) it is hard to understand this products ability to produce Sulforaphane on consumption?

This is why it is important to realise that not all broccoli sprout powders will yield Sulforaphane unless grown and handled correctly. Its all about the Sulphoraphane yield! of the supplement.

Sulforaphane yield - read more here 

What does Sulforaphane Do?

Sulphoraphane talks to the DNA in our cells. By Talking to cells DNA, Sulphoraphane has been shown to influence certain genes in response to various signals.

May support
  • Primary Antioxidant defence enzymes Induction of phase 2 detoxification enzymes
  • Induction of vitamin D receptors
  • Nrf2 activation (essential for heavy metal detoxification)

How is our special ingredient produced?

Carefully - selected broccoli seed is used to grow healthy young sprouts in a controlled - growing environment using specialised proprietary technology which means no use of pesticides , herbicides, or fungicides , or any harmful chemicals.

The sprouts are then harvested at their peak and then gently processed via a proprietary method which maintains the essential bioactive compounds, especially the Glucoraphanin and Myrosinanse enzyme so that when consumed orally enough Sulforaphane is produced to provide an effective dose.

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