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Yield - what does it mean?

How to look for a true Sulforaphane yielding product!

There are many potential misleading products when looking for high quality whole enzyme broccoli sprout powder that will provide a certified amount of Sulforaphane.

Look out for some products that describe their contents as:

Producing ''Sulforaphane Potential'' or Raw Ingredient described as ''Broccoli Sprout Extracts''

‘Sulforaphane Potential’ does not measure the amount of Sulforaphane.

These products measure the glucoraphanin and then calculate how much Sulforaphane ''might be'' formed if 100% of the glucoraphanin is converted to Sulforaphane.

If the product does not contain any myrosinase, it will not produce Sulforaphane when ingested. If the inhibitors have not been inactivated (as in New Zealand Scientifics product), this too will limit the amount of Sulforaphane formed.

Such products typically list a quantity of actual ‘Sulforaphane’, misleading the the customer.

The proprietary growing and manufacturing technology used to produce New Zealand Sceintific's high Sulforaphane yielding whole enzyme broccoli sprout concentrate can not be compared to most other broccoli sprout powdered products.

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